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AgroMas Muar Soto Paste / Pes Soto Muar 120g





AgroMas Muar Soto Paste / Pes Soto Muar 120g

Soto mie, Soto mi, or Mee soto is a spicy Southeast Asian noodle soup dish commonly found in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore. Mie means noodle made of flour, salt and egg, while soto refer to Indonesian soup. There are some variations of soto mie, it can be made of beef, chicken, or offals such as kaki sapi (skin, cartilage and tendons of cow’s trotters) or tripes. People may exchange noodles for rice or rice vermicelli according to their preference.

A combination of either noodle or rice vermicelli along with slices of tomato, boiled potato, hard-boiled egg, cabbages, peanut, bean sprout and beef, offal or chicken meat are added. Broth is then poured over this combination. This soup is made from beef or chicken stock and some other spices.


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