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Petronas Sprinta F300 20W-40 4T (1 liter) – 2 PACKS




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Product details of Petronas Sprinta F300 20W-40 4T (1 liter) – 2 PACKS

– Genuine Petronas Products
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– Sprinta F300 20W-40
– Superior engine and piston cleanliness, helps maintain high power output.
– Helps prevent clutch slippage, delivering superior drivability.
– Superior thermal stability, ensuring oil viscosity in-grade during the service life.

*******************************Sprinta F300 20W-40*******************************

Designed for Superior Power Performance

Motorcycle riders rely heavily on their bikes for work or leisure. Stress to motorcycles can easily build up within a short period of time, even under normal riding conditions. This is due to motorcycle engines generally working harder than car engines and being subjected to tremendous stress (high shear & high temperature)! A good motorcycle oil is flexible in handling these diverging effects of bike stress.
PETRONAS Sprinta F300 20W-40 is formulated with the combination of superior lubricant technology and premium quality unconventional base oils o provide superior engine power performance, piston cleanliness & protection.

PETRONAS Sprinta F300 20W-40 is suitable for all types of 4-Stroke gasoline motorcycle engines, clutches and gear boxes. It is suitable for motorcycles manufactured by leading Japanese, European and American manufacturers operating under normal to severe riding conditions.

Note: Always consult your owner’s manual to check recommended viscosity grade and specifications for your particular vehicle


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